Bryce Dallas Howard is taking the next big step in her career — directing! The actress is the daughter of former child star, actor, producer, and director Ron Howard, so to say there might be some pressure would be an understatement. She’s been developing a screenplay over the past two years called The Originals, which she’s using to jump start her directorial career.

The Originals was co-written by Howard and her partner Dane Charbonneau. She describes it as The Breakfast Club for her generation. The actress is turning 30 this year, which means a lot of actors in her age range are being courted to star. Howard revealed to Showbiz 411 that she wrote one part with a specific actress in mind. “So far, I wrote a part for Zoe Saldana. But there are so many good choices out there.”

Hmm, Saldana eh? She should go and scoop the entire cast of the here today gone tomorrow film The Romantics. It was like The Breakfast Club, but 10 years later, and on a beach. Throw in Elijah Wood, maybe Shawn Hatosy, and possibly Anna Paquin for good measure. Who do you think should be cast?

What do you think of Howard shifting to directing?