Just in time for the Oscar host fallout, come Anne Hathaway’s and James Franco’s big movies this year. That’s gotta make us think of them as movie stars again and anything they did on Oscar night will now fade into oblivion? Right. Okay, maybe not – but you can still check out 127 Hours and Love & Other Drugs this week.

But that’s not all. No, not even close. That’s because we have the inimitable Burlesque hitting the shelves. Inimitable because nobody would ever want to make a movie like that again. Plus, The Rock in Faster. And somehow, neither of those are the worst DVD this week.

Don’t believe me? Check it all out below…

Feature Films

127 Hours and Love & Other Drugs

By now it’s essentially conventional wisdom to bemoan this Sunday’s Oscar telecast. Wherever you look around the web, you’ll see claims of its either being “the worst of all time” or “the worst in recent memory”.

Those reviews are just about spot on. Vividly remembering every Oscarcast since 1996, I definitely can’t remember being as bored or dissatisfied at a telecast’s conclusion. The problem with most of the reviews is where they direct their ire: The hosts.

It’s commonplace to accuse James Franco of being vacant or bored while Anne Hathaway was far too over-the-top. Everyone’s saying that the hosts murdered the show. That they were the worst ever – an assault to Oscar shows.

But it’s not their fault. Not their fault at all. What would you expect them to do with material that included pointing out their grandparents, cross-dressing and a song about a moment with Hugh Jackman that nobody cares about or remembers. Johnny Carson in his prime couldn’t have done anything with that material.

Don’t blame the hosts. Blame the material. Maybe Franco checked out because he knew what was coming. Maybe Hathaway over-compensated a bit just so we’d have something that seemed the least bit amusing. Either way, I don’t think there was a problem with the hosts’ performances at all.

Leave the hosts alone. They were fine. The show, however, was a massive embarrassment.

If you’d like to see Hathaway and Franco work with better material, you can…

Buy 127 Hours on DVD

Buy Love & Other Drugs on DVD


And Just So You Know, This DVD Exists…