HBO’s “Boardwalk Empire” will continue to take on the world of booze, gambling, and crime with their highly anticipated second season this year. The award winning series will feature a fresh new face in a well known role according to TVLine. Michael Zegen has been cast as the infamous Benjamin “Bugsy” Siegel on the show.

When Siegel makes his first appearance he’ll be known as Benny. The nickname Bugsy didn’t come around until later in the 1930s, and this version of the character is described as  “a tough, smart urban kid… as aspiring Jewish gangster.” The role is recurring, which means we’ll see more than our fair share of him throughout the season.

Siegel’s appearance gives “Boardwalk Empire” another historical figure to ground its stories. He obviously won’t be the focal point of the show but it’s interesting to see someone like him develop in the background knowing what they will become.

If the actor Michael Zegen looks familiar to you it’s probably because of his stint as Tommy’s godson Damien Keefe on the FX series “Rescue Me.” When we initially saw a photo of Zegen, we didn’t think he was the right choice for Siegel but we had to remind ourselves that this is the younger version of the character who’s still making his way through the ranks. This isn’t Warren Beatty we’re talking about here.

What do you think of Zegen coming to Boardwalk Empire as Bugsy?