Mark Wahlberg has a lot to be thankful for this year. The actor produced and starred in a film that received several Oscar nominations, and two wins for its stars Melissa Leo and Christian Bale. The Fighter was truly a labor of love for Wahlberg who championed for years to get it to the big screen. When all the stars aligned, he got it made, and it was a hit. This begs the question: are there more Mickey Ward stories on the horizon? Could The Fighter 2 be on the way?

Wahlberg recently spoke to Extra [via The Playlist] about another film idea he has that could continue the Ward story.

“Now we’re gonna talk about doing No. 2,” Wahlberg explained. “We’re gonna do the Ward/Gatti trilogy and make it real,” referring to the real-life Mickey Ward’s three fights with his most fierce opponent, Arturo Gatti.

Even though Gatti was a major part of Ward’s career, we’re not sure if we’re interested in seeing that story. One of the things that made The Fighter so successful was the family element that director David O. Russell is so famous for. We fell in love with the characters therefore we cared about the story and what happened to them within it. It seems like a sequel would put more focus on the sort than the family.

Besides, has a biopic ever produced a series of films? Like a franchise? Challenge: Can you come up with a movie that was based on a real person that spawned a sequel?

Do you want to see another Fighter? Should this turn into a franchise?