An Oscar winner, Oscar nominee, and Emmy nominee will share the big screen in the upcoming film Predisposed. According to Vulture, Melissa Leo, Jesse Eisenberg, and Tracy Morgan are all attached to star in the indie comedy. This is truly an interesting cast and the trio’s characters are all connected by one common thread.

The site claims that Predisposed is “a macabre look at the unhealthy relationship between a drug-addicted mother (Leo) and her college-bound son (Eisenberg), set on the day of both his interview at Julliard and her planned arrival to rehab.” While Leo and Eisenberg play mother and son, Morgan is on board as Leo’s drug supplier code name: Sprinkles. Isn’t this an uplifting role for the actor (rolls eyes)?

The plot thickens when the son tries to get the mother into rehab but he can’t because she doesn’t have health insurance. The only way she can enter treatment is if she shows up at a facility intoxicated (is this true?). There’s also a drug war going on between Sprinkles and a yet to be cast rival dealer.

We love this cast. Let’s just put it out there. But how long will Eisenberg be able to play 18/19 year olds? The man (emphasis on man) is 27. Come on guys? Granted, he looks younger than what he is but we’re ready to see something different from him.

What do you think of the cast for Predisposed?