Are you having a hard time dealing with the upcoming series finale of HBO’s “Entourage?” It’s happening sooner than later so prepare yourself for the end. The network is well aware of the void that will be left on their schedule so they’ve decided to greenlight another series from one of the show’s producers. We wouldn’t call this a replacement but it’s a start.

According to Deadline, HBO has picked up a pilot called “40” from writer/producer Doug Ellin. Unlike “Entourage,” this new series will take place on the East coast aka New York. The show will center on four friends who are having a hard time dealing with turning (you guessed it) 40. They don’t know how to navigate their lives as they approach middle age.

Edward Burns will play one of the guys, who’s married with kids and who used to make over two million dollars annually but has been out of work for almost a year. Other characters include a rich metrosexual, a a ripped personal trainer and a schlumpy neurotic married man. To be honest, these characters don’t sound too far off from the crew on “Entourage.”

We’re interested in seeing who they’ll get to play the other three guys. Any suggestions?

Does “40″ sound like something you would put on your DVR recording list?