If you’re looking for something to surprise you and for lack of a better saying, blow your hair back, then you have to check out director Will Canon’s first feature length film Brotherhood. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down to watch a film that was able to literally have me on the edge of my seat, screaming at my television but I’m happy to say that this film succeeded. Sadly the film didn’t get a nation-wide theater release but it is in some theaters and definitely worth checking out on VOD. Find out why below…

The Players:

  • Director: Will Canon
  • Writers: Will Canon and Doug Simon
  • Actors: Trevor Morgan (Adam Buckley), Jon Foster (Frank), Lou Taylor Pucci (Kevin), Arlen Escarpeta (Mike), Jesse Steccato (Bean), Jennifer Sipes (Emily), Luke Sexton (Graham)
  • Original Music by: Dan Marocco
  • Cinematography by: Michael Fimognari

The Plot:

Adam Buckley finds himself in the middle of a convenience store robbery during his last night as a pledge for a college fraternity. When the initiation ritual goes horribly wrong, and every move proves disastrous, Adam is forced to confront a new challenge all together, and he has to take a stand

The Good:

  • The Tension: I was literally watching this film at home, on my sofa, by myself yelling at the screen, and not in an “I’m frustrated with the film” way, but in an “what’s going to happen next!?” kind of way. This film grabs your attention from the start and literally never lets go until the end.
  • Twists: I pride myself on seeing the end of films before they get there — I did not see where this film was going, nor did I have the time to try and figure it out during the film. Love that.
  • Performances: Across the board great performances, all around, amazing work.
  • Well Made Wrong Decisions: Bare with me for a moment — The characters in this film made a lot of horrible decisions, but the writers did not. For however many twists and turns there were, they did a remarkable job at justifying every step of the way (and trust me, I’m a stickler for this). So, even though you’ll want the characters to stop what they’re doing and like me you’ll be screaming at your screen, you’ll understand why they’re doing it, which makes your journey as an audience member even crazier. This is an incredibly difficult feat for even the most experienced filmmakers to pull off, but these guys seemed to have mastered it!
  • Tackling Issues Head On: There are some relentless elements to this film that they deal with incredibly well. ***SLIGHT SPOILER*** There is a scene in which one of the frat boys is made to seduce an overweight girl in order to play a painful prank on her ***SPOILER END*** this scene could easily have made me turn off this film, but the way that they dealt with it and the way in which they subtly gave the scene meaning and purpose actually made the film and her even stronger — suddenly I saw their plan and realized how clever they were. Not only did they show the level of asshole-ness of these frat boys, but they managed to give her meaning and give her a sense of redemption. Well played!

The Bad:

  • I’ll leave this for another review. Well done guys!


Really powerful film. The best of indie filmmaking — in fact I’m not even going to put it in that category because it stands up to all the other films in theaters right now. It’s powerful, fast-paced and well worth a trip to your theaters or time in front of your TV.

Rating: 8.5/10

Brotherhood is playing in select theaters in LA and is currently available on VOD right now!