We love Tom Hanks. We really love that man! After last night’s snore-fest aka The Oscars wrapped up, we were in need of some real comedy. Thank God for Jimmy Kimmel and two-time Academy Award winner Hanks. Despite the dramatic and prestigious roles he’s played in the past, the actor always returns to his comedic roots. Hanks appeared on Kimmel’s post-Oscar special last night, where he debuted a sketch called “Toddlers & Tiaras.” Comedy ensued. Check out the video…

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In the sketch his daughter Sophie Hanks participated in The Miss Ultimate Sexy Baby Nevada Pagent. That name alone strikes fear into our hearts. There are several words in the title that shouldn’t be together, specifically sexy and baby. We love the fact that Sophie’s T-shirt says “Bosum Baby,” which references Hanks classic TV show. He also called her Hooch, referencing the dog from the film Turner and Hooch, and we can’t ignore his license plate, which said Gump_1.

Oh Tom, what does Sophie know about the 1990s let alone the 1980s? Her dance to Poison was so inappropriate but still hilarious. Also, the Ron Howard cameo at the end was classic! “Hanks has a problem!”

What did you think of Hanks’ Kimmel skit?