We have good news for fans of both “Lost” and “Community.” The shows will come to ahead when actor Josh Holloway makes a guest appearance on the NBC comedy later this season. According to EW, Holloway will pop up during the show’s finale this spring and his stint will center around paintball!

The site claims that Holloway will “emerge as a mysterious figure who shows up on campus during another game of paintball. The two-parter is a sequel, of sorts, to “Modern Warfare” — last year’s memorable episode that began with the Dean announcing a prize for a game of paintball. It devolved into campus-wide battle.” The finale air date for “Community” hasn’t been revealed but we know it will take place in May.

We don’t know about you but we can’t wait for the finale episode! Can you imagine the pop culture gold that Abed will unleash in Holloway’s presence? Not to mention the eighties action homages that the original paintball episode sparked. So much comedic gold is waiting to be used!

Now all we need is for Jorge Garcia to make a cameo. That would be perfect!

Are you excited about Holloway’s appearance on “Community?” Will you tune in?