Two posters have been released for X-Men First Class and they highlight the leaders of the team, Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr. The characters are portrayed by James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender respectively and they look great in the roles. The following posters come courtesy of Film Z, and they pay homage to both the past and future. Check out the images below…

Do you notice the reflections in the bottom of the posters? With Charles, there’s an image of future Professor X sitting in his famous wheelchair and bald. In the poster with Erik, there’s a reflecting image of Magneto draped in his cape and helmet. The same helmet that we’ve seen appear in the trailer and other photos from the film.

Each poster begins with the tagline, “Before he was…” We’re really excited to see all the other members of the team. We’re not sure how they’d pull off this type of marketing with some of the other characters on the team i.e. Havok. It’s no secret that he’s a fill in for Cyclops in this movie.

X-Men First Class is scheduled to hit theaters on June 3rd.

What do you think of the character posters for X-Men First Class?