The first trailer for the new and improved “ThunderCats” series has been released. We all remember Lion-O, Cheetara and the rest of the gang from the 80s cartoon. We have a fond place for them in our childhood memories but it’s time to move on. The Cartoon Network has revamped the property, given the characters makeovers, and released a promo for their remake. Take a look…

After watching the trailer several times, we noticed many things. The most obvious change is the animation used for the show. It has a similar look to The Last Airbender series, which is a plus in our book. The character design is also obviously different. The new Lion-O is the biggest standout. Some people may be able to get over his new haircut but we can’t. Lion-O just isn’t Lion-O without his long, luxurious mane.

We’re also not fans of the ultra-humanized version of Cheetara. She looks more like a blond beach bunny than a cheetah. They altered her character drastically. And where in the world is Panthro hiding? Perhaps he popped up in the trailer and we missed him?

Enough of our ranting, watch the trailer yourself and tell us what you think…

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Old ThunderCats Gallery:

What do you think of the new ThunderCats TV series? Will you watch?