***For Other Sections: Part 1 – Red Carpet to Best Supporting Actress; Part 2 – Best Animated Short to Costume Design; Part 4 – Best Director to Best Picture ***

Doing a quick check of the Twitter and the Facebook and the General News around the Internet, it seems as if this Oscar Ceremony is causing the most visceral negative reaction of any show in recent memory.

It’s not hard to see why. Between the very poorly written jokes, the clunky flow of the ceremony and the fact that the show seems more interested in showcasing the history of the Oscars themselves rather than featuring actual movies, this is surely a ceremony to forget. Or one to remember depending on your level of cynicism.

The show has one (hopefully) hour to make up for the Internet ennui it’s caused so far. Think it can do it?

Read on to find out…

8:39 – And how do we end the show? Have kids come on and sing, of course! Because nobody could be cynical enough to find fault in children singing. Wrong. This is just mind-boggling. The Oscars devolved from the MTV Movie Awards to Local News to YouTube and finally ends with a grade school talent show. Isn’t this supposed to Hollywood’s biggest night? Aren’t we supposed to be honoring the greatest achievements in film? Shouldn’t that show be on a creative level that at least approaches those honorees? I guess not. Instead we get what, to me, seems like the worst Oscar ceremony I can remember. There wasn’t a single planned moment that I’m going to remember in a positive light from this show. I’ll remember some of the acceptance speeches and seeing the stage picture of all the winners at the end, but other than that – nothing. Nothing at all. Just a bunch of poorly conceived bits and two hosts that I felt extremely sorry for. Because they weren’t bad, they just did the best with what they were given – which wasn’t much.

8:36 – WINNER – The King’s Speech wins for Best Picture: My Predictions: 11 for 23.

8:33 – Hey, Oscar viewers! Haven’t seen The King’s Speech? Well, here’s the end of the movie. Hope you don’t mind.

8:32 – And Steven Spielberg just reminded me there are ten nominees for Best Picture. Somehow I’d forgotten and it was a very blissful ignorance.

8:27 – “I feel my career has peaked.” Oh, Colin. Just can’t resist and opportunity to be self-deprecating, can you?

8:25 – WINNER – Colin Firth wins Best Actor for The King’s Speech – My Predictions: 10 for 22

8:20 – There’s no better way than to make us feel that you’re earnest in your saying that this is a very special moment than referencing an Oscar drinking game. And the awkward hits just keep on comin’.

8:17 – WINNER – Natalie Portman wins Best Actress for Black Swan – My Predictions: 9 for 21

8:14 – Oh. So that’s what Rabbit Hole the movie looks like! Now I know what the 250,000 or so people got to see when they went to see it.

8:12 – The good news? They got rid of the ridiculous practice of having five former winners come out and drool over the nominees for 20 minutes. The bad news? They now have Jeff Bridges reading those same fawning bits of praise from a Prompter. Ugh.

8:07 – Here’s what i don’t understand: We run through minor category awards, but to save time The Academy moves its most prestigious award (The Thalberg Lifetime Achievement Award) to a separate night. No offense to the minor category award winners – but is it really less a waste of time to show the Short Film Awards on the ceremony than it is to see Francis Ford Coppola’s acceptance speech? I think not.

8:05 – I’d say this award pretty much cinches Best Picture for The King’s Speech, despite the DGA Award, David Fincher was still favored in this category, and with Hooper’s win it’s clear which was the Academy is leaning.

8:03 – WINNER – Tom Hooper wins Best Director for The King’s Speech – My Predictions: 8 for 20 (David Fincher)

8:00pm – Just when you thought they couldn’t find more ways to make the show longer, they have a presenter present a presenter. Do they not trust Kathryn Bigelow to be able to read the Prompter?