***For Other Sections: Part 1 – Red Carpet to Best Supporting Actress; Part 3 – Best Original Song to Memoriam; Part 4 – Best Actor to Best Picture***

Here we roll along with Hour Number 2 of the ScreenCrave Oscar Live Blog. So far my predictions are a perfect zero-for-three, so I must offer my apologies to the hordes of gamblers who took my advice to Vegas. The check’s in the mail.

As for the show, it’s been a cornucopia of bizarre moments. None more so than watching Kirk Douglas play the game for choosing up sides for a pickup baseball game with an Oscar seat-filler. But that’s hardly it. So far we’ve gotten an F-Bomb, some lame stand up and a visit from James Franco’s grandma! How could they possibly top that treasure trove?

Read on to find out…

7:00 – Wow. Reading your speech like a robot. Way to bring it from the heart, Ms. Atwood. And with that monotone note – we close the door on this hour…

6:59 – WINNER – Colleen Atwood wins Best Costume Design for Alice in Wonderland – My predictions: 5 for 13

6:58 – That’s right, seven Oscars for Rick Baker. Only 19 more to go to tie Walt Disney for most Oscars with 26.

6:56 – WINNER – Rick Baker and Dave Elsey win Best Makeup for The Wolfman – My predictions: 5 for 12

6:54 – The cutaway to the Technical Awards following two different Best Sound Awards calls for a poll:’

Should Awards like "Best Sound", "Best Cinematography" and "Best Film Editing" be Moved to the Technical Awards to Save Time?

View Results

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6:50 – WINNER – Inception wins for Best Sound Editing – My predictions: 4 for 12 (True Grit)

6:48 – WINNER – Inception wins for Best Sound Mixing – My predictions: 4 for 11 (True Grit)

6:44 – WINNER – Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross win Best Original Score for The Social Network – My predictions: 4 for 10 (The King’s Speech – so glad I was wrong)

6:43 – Finally! An entertaining way to go through the sets of Best Score nominees. Play it live over a brief clip. It’s cool, it’s quick and it doesn’t involve interpretive dance! Couldn’t we have just skipped straight to this?

6:42 – I’m struggling to understand the purpose behind these technical category introductions. Do they really think we don’t know sound is important? Do they explaining to us how it’s evolved will make us care about the winners of these smaller categories? Let’s just get on with it.

6:40 – Hey! It’s a call back to that lame song about Hugh Jackman we all want to pretend never existed! They had a chance to make us forget, but now that’s out the window.

6:39 – Is Tom Sherak coming out to apologize for how mundane and amateurish the show has been so far?

6:34 – And Christian Bale officially becomes the first winner to thank someone named Boomer. (At least that’s my guess – Probably a good one).

6:33 – Christian Bale’s jocular tour of cockney and classy acceptance speeches – I think we can now wipe away his one bad day on the set of Terminator 4 off his PR biography.

6:31 – WINNER – Christian Bale wins Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter – My Predictions: 4 for 9

6:29 – Mo’Nique is apparently unavailable to present Best Supporting Actor. I checked her IMDB in hopes that she was off filming a sequel to Soul Plane and that’s what kept her away, but no such luck.

6:28 – WINNER – In a Better World wins for Best Foreign Language Film – My Predictions: 3 for 8 (Outside the Law)

6:27 – Dame Helen Mirren. Something tells me that Russell Brand isn’t going to get a title of nobility attached to his name any time in the near future.

6:26 – Oh, I get it. She’s in a tux and he’s in a dress. What a clash of context!

6:25 – Umm, we get it. You’re singing an unfunny song about how Hugh Jackman faked ditched. I don’t think we needed forty-seven hints about something that didn’t happen. Does this show really need to fill time?

6:22 – David Seidler mentioned the “Melissa Leo F-Word”. I thought David Mamet had a copyright on that word. Either way, here’s what it looked like:

6:19 – WINNER – David Seidler wins Best Original Screenplay for writing The King’s Speech – my predictions 3 for 7.

6:18 – I love when they flash the written words up on the screen for these screenplay award clips, but I just saw something I’ve never seen before: DiCaprio’s and Page’s words did not match the words on the page. I’m surprised they didn’t just change the script for the clip. Love the honesty.

6:16 – Yeah, let’s play Aaron Sorkin off. It’s not like he’s earned this moment after two decades of stellar work or anything.

6:15 – To be fair, my only correct predictions so far were the biggest locks of the night.

6:15 – WINNER – Aaron Sorkin wins Best Adapted Screenplay for The Social Network – my predictions 2 for 6.

6:12 – Whatever happened to Dinner Jackets. Nothing screams smoky piano bar from the 40s quite like a white-on-white look. You’d think people would more of that vibe. Or at least that Mad Men would’ve made them somewhat popular.

6:08 – Pixar is now 6 for 10 in Best Animated Feature and has only lost twice: (Cars losing to Happy Feet and Monsters, Inc. losing to Shrek)

6:07 – WINNER – Best Animated Feature – Toy Story 3 – My Predictions 1 for 5

6:04 – WINNER - Best Animated Short – The Gruffalo – My predictions: 0 for 4 (Day and Night)

6:00pm – Timberlake as Bansky? Why do I believe it somehow?