The winner of the 2011 Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor is Christian Bale for The Fighter. The actor portrayed the older brother to Mark Wahlberg in the drama. The actor started off his speech with “Bloody hell!” He also said that he wasn’t going to drop an F-bomb like Melissa Leo because he’s done enough of that in the past (in reference to his infamous leaked Terminator tape). He also gave a shout out to the real Dicky Ecklund who was in attendance.

***Looking for a play by play: Part 1 – Red Carpet to Best Supporting Actress; Part 2 – Best Animated Short to Costume Design; Part 3 – Best Original Song to Memoriam; Part 4 – Best Actor to Best Picture ***

Check out who he beat…

The nominees for Best Supporting Actor were:

It’s about time Academy! It’s about freaking time! How many roles was this man going to have to play before you guys decided to throw him a bone? He’s literally been putting his life in danger for his craft with his multiple weight fluctuations. Who knows how many years he’s shaved off of his life for the sake of art!

You can say whatever you want about Bale, but you can’t deny his acting talent. He’s extremely talented and and dedicated and we love him for it.

Congrats Christian, you deserve it!

Do you agree with this year’s winner for Best Supporting Actor?