The winner of the 2011 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film is In a Better World from Denmark. This is a huge upset for critic favorite Biutiful, which hailed from Mexico. Director Susanne Bier accepted the award for the film, and she was extremely nervous. She took multiple pauses during her speech, but in the end she pulled it together.

See who she beat…

The nominees for Best Foreign Film were:

  • Biutiful (Mexico)
  • Dogtooth (Greece)
  • In a Better World (Denmark)
  • Incendies (Canada)
  • Outside the Law (Hors-la-loi, Algeria)

Sorry Biutiful, but you didn’t win this round despite all the heavy campaigning. We guess the Academy doesn’t respond well to threats. We never heard of In a Better World until after it was nominated. The director gave a pretty awkward speech but we let it slide because English isn’t her first language. She had lots of odd pauses, and she was sweating up a storm. The poor woman was completely overwhelmed by the moment.

Will we go see In a Better World now? Probably not. We have nothing against foreign films but it doesn’t tickle our fancy. We have to be in a certain mood to watch a foreign movie, and we’re not in that mood right now.

Do you agree with this year’s winner for Best Foreign Film?