The winner of the 2011 Academy Award for Best Cinematography is Wally Pfister for Inception. He was obviously nervous during his acceptance speech but still found time to thank the film’s director. Pfister stated that he wouldn’t be on the stage without the incredible vision of his master Christopher Nolan. He also stated that Nolan’s work has inspired him for 12 years.

See who he beat out to win the big award…

The nominees for Best Cinematography were:

  • Black Swan, Matthew Libatique
  • Inception, Wally Pfister
  • The King’s Speech, Danny Cohen
  • The Social Network, Jeff Cronenweth
  • True Grit, Roger Deakins

This was one of the earlier awards handed out and we were screaming Team Inception all the way through this category. You can’t deny the awesome camerawork that the zero gravity scene in the film possessed. It was truly innovated. Once again, the Academy will give a Nolan film every technical award in the book but God forbid they give it Best Original Screenplay or Best Picture. Yes, we’re very bitter over it.

Congrats to the talented Wally Pfister for his amazing work on Inception. Him and Nolan make beautiful scenes together and we love watching them!

Do you agree with this year’s winner for Best Cinematography?