This week’s episode of “Fringe” is called “Subject 13” and it mostly centers on a young Peter and Olivia. We also see Walter back to normal as a hardworking doctor trying to find a gateway to the other side. There was no Anna Torv or Joshua Jackson in this episode, which was sad but their absence served a purpose. Check out our review…

The Players:

  • Director: Frederick E. O. Toye
  • Writers: Jeff Pinkner & J. H. Wyman & Akiva Goldsman
  • Cast: Joshua Jackson, Anna Torv, John Noble, Lance Reddick, Jasika Nicole, Blair Brown, Karley Scott Collins

Episode Title: ” Subject 13″

In this week’s episode, we go back in time to when Peter and Olivia were kids, and Walter was a sane doctor working at a children’s behavioral center. The majority of the episode Peter tries to convince his “parents” to let him go home to the other side, while Olivia is a test subject in Walter’s experiments. The younger characters eventually meet and share a sweet moment together, Olivia learns that she can trust someone other than herself and Peter decides to accept his family as it is.

The Good:

  • Young Olivia: Whenever shows do flashback episodes, the actors they choose to play younger versions of the main characters are really green. They typically come across as annoying or precocious but that wasn’t the case with young Olivia (Collins). She made you empathetic to her situation. She lived in an abusive home and was being experimented on at school. There was a lonliness about her that makes you understand why the adult Olivia acts the way she does.
  • Elizabeth: It was good to see more of Walter’s wife and Peter’s “mother” Elizabeth. The character has popped up in various episodes during the series but this week we really saw her struggle. She had such a hard time with Peter and they never really showed that until now. She was the one who had to deal with his questions and anger, while Walter was off working. I felt bad for her.

The Bad:

  • Crossing Over: I was confused. During the show, they cut back and forth between Walter and Walternate, and it was a total headache. A lot of the reason it was hard to differentiate between the two was because they were dressed the same in the scenes and sometimes they were in the same location.
  • Refresh My Memory: Why don’t Peter and Olivia remember each other from back then? Can someone refresh my memory? I remember Olivia’s reason for not remembering the Cortexiphan trials, but what’s Peter’s excuse? And how did he forget such a strong moment in time like when he thought he was from another world?


This week’s episode was so-so. I assume the information obtained in”Subject 13″ will help us understand some events in the future. Right now it seems like a lot of exposition and no real answers.

Rating: 7/10

“Fringe” airs every Friday at 9 PM.

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