This week’s episode of “Nikita” entitled “Echoes” was a straight continuation of last week’s installment “Alexandra.” Once again Alex is at the forefront, and this time we delve into her deep and darkest secrets. Nikita herself was more of a peripheral character who served one purpose throughout the evening, while Michael did some research to find out who Alex really is. Check out our review…

The Players:

  • Director: Nick Copus
  • Writer: Kristen Reidel
  • Cast: Maggie Q, Shane West, Lyndsy Fonseca Aaron Stanford, Tiffany Hines, Melinda Clarke, Xander Berkeley

Episode Title: “Echoes”

Still in a drugged state, Amanda uses her background in psychology to delve into Alex’s subconscious. While in a hallucinating, Alex vocalizes everything she says in her dream, which includes her saying names like Nikita, Papa, and Nathan. Michael learns of the Nikita-Alex connection and follows through on his findings, while Alex’s greatest nemesis is revealed — herself.

The Good:

  • Surprise Visitor: At the end of the episode, I thought Michael would be waiting for Alex at her apartment after he discovered she was the mole, but instead he went straight to Nikita’s hideaway, which was 100X better! When Nikita arrived home, he was sitting there with a huge automatic weapon and his welcoming words were, “Guess how I got here?” Gotta love it!
  • Is this Inception?: In the first 15 minutes of the film I felt like I was watching a bootleg, low budget version of Inception. All the talk about dreams, and people in dreams being reflections of themselves and their insecurities. They even had a forger a la Tom Hardy’s character in the film, named Gustav.
  • Alex Greatest Enemy: I knew Alexandra Udinov was the person Alex was running from. They’ve hyped up her background too much this season to let that revelation go. Even though she’s terrified of becoming her “father’s daughter” I think it would be interesting to see her run an empire.

The Bad:

  • Why Does Nathan Have a Key?: I’ve seriously had a problem with the progress of this relationship from the beginning. Nathan and Alex are moving entirely too fast. Why does he have a key to her apartment? That makes no sense. How much time has passed? Has she learned nothing from Nikita or Division regarding privacy?
  • Young Alex: I’m not a fan of the actress who plays the younger version Alex. When she speaks in her native tongue she’s tolerable but in English not so much.

The Quotes:

  • (Michael when asking Birkhoff to do a search on Whitfield): Birkhoff: Where do I know that name from? Michael: “I don’t know. Maybe you should do a search?”
  • (Alex after Dream-Michael and Nikita kiss) -”I knew there was something going on between them. Michael’s all, [in whiny voice] “Nikita’s like a cancer.”


“Nikita” was a great episode filled with revelations. No wonder they made “Echoes” the last entry before they go on hiatus.

Rating: 9/10

What did you think of this week’s episode Nikita?