Earlier this week we had a chance to sit down with this years host of the Film Independent Spirit Awards, Joel McHale, who you should know as Jeff on one of the best shows currently being made “Community” or possibly “Talk Soup.” Sitting down with McHale it’s obvious that he’s both extremely witty and though he never laughs himself, is constantly using his dry humor to entertainment those around him.

Because of this, his interview feels like much more of a performance than a Q&A type of thing and while transcribing the roundtable interview, I realized that some of the jokes just don’t have the same punch in print, SO below some of his witty lines and information about the award show, you’ll find an MP3 which you can stream or download of the interview itself in order for you to get the true sense of what it’s like sit down for 20 minutes and speak with Joel McHale…

How are you prepping for the awards?

Joel McHale: I still don’t know.

Are you working with any of the sponsored materials? Stella? Jameson? Piaget?

JM: Yes, I’ve been marinating some of the Piaget watches in a Jameson/Stella combo. And I will suck on that watch on Saturday morning and see if that helps.

And what about Acura?

JM: Well what a better combination than beer, scotch and driving! I kid! I like how they pick up sponsors towards the end. They haven’t sent me anything yet so I’m a little disappointed…

How far are you into writing your jokes?

JM: I haven’t started yet, no. Four friends of mine who I hired for the monologue and the other bits [have been working away]. We started with a bunch of stuff and we’re slowly whittling it down to just one joke… four words.

Have you seen all the movies?

JM: All 90 they sent?! I’m getting there. I’m not there. I’ve gotten through all the major ones, no offense to the non-major ones. It’s just finding time between “Community”, my children which are most important and “The Soup,” so it’s been busy but a great type of busy.

Were there any films in particular that you loved?

JM: I loved Exit Through the Gift Shop and I loved Restrepo. And After seeing Restrepo,  I was like “why wasn’t this bigger” — cause it’s based on the book by Sebastian Junger the guy who did Perfect Storm. That documentary was crazy, it was amazing! That was surprising, just that they got some of the footage that they got, taking place where the soldiers still are now. I guess I was surprised by Black Swan — I considered it a “chick movie” before seeing it, but after watching it I just loved it, I was not expecting it to be so dark. Natalie Portman’s performance was just incredible.

Do you have to battle it out for host positions?

JM: Yeah, how I got picked was they put us into an octagon, with a bunch of other people who wanted the job and it was just my morning. I don’t know actually. I was just offered it and I was obviously more than happy to take it and I was excited to do it and all those cliches. I can’t wait.

Are you censoring yourself at all, or being careful about certain topics because of the response to Ricky Gervais’ performance at the Golden Globes?

JM: I’m not being careful but I’m not going to just go “I’m going to do all racist stuff” — not that his was. I’m not going into it like that. My main concern is making sure the jokes are funny. It’s not like I have an agenda, I just want to make sure what’s happening on stage is funny. I liked Ricky’s performance a lot. My main concern is keep the jokes funny, keep the ball in the air and keep the show going.

Have James Franco or Anne Hathaway called you up for pointers?

JM: Oh yeah, they’re calling me all the time. I’d be surprised if they knew who I was A. and B. I don’t have a phone. So no, they have not contacted me and I think that’s a smart move. I have no idea…

So if you want to hear Joel talk more about the Indie Spirits Awards, his insane schedule with “Community” as well as some hints as to what might be happening with his character next and why he loves his fellow cast members, his role as “the dad” in Spy Kids, how he keeps up with “The Soup,” and on the side prepping little things for Carnegie Hall and much more, check out what he has to say about it all below…

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Check out Joel McHale as he hosts the show tomorrow, Saturday February 26th on IFC or at spiritawards.com at 2:30pm ET/11:30pm PT