The first official poster for James Gunn’s upcoming superhero flick, aptly titled Super, has been released. The film features Rainn Wilson (“The Office“), whose face and terrifying eyes are the focal point on the one sheet. If you’ve ever wondered what would happen if Batman was poorer, less in shape, and less intelligent you’d have Super. Check out the full sized poster below…

Super centers on regular guy who takes on a superhero alter ego when his wife falls under the spell of a notorious drug dealer played by Kevin Bacon. And by spell we mean heroin, coke, crack, whatever drug he has in his arsenal. After she becomes a full on druggie he’s pushed to the edge and decides to take matters into his own hands.

Screw you crime! We love yelling at figurative elements as if they’re people. If you have no idea what the tone of this film is, you should check out the preview clip that was released a few months back. It’s hilarious and disturbing.

On another note, does anyone find it strange that Kevin Bacon appears in this movie as a villain and in X-Men First Class as a villain? Someone knows their niche!

What do you think of the poster for Super?

Source: Cinemablend