Uma Thurman has joined the cast of the athletic, romantic comedy Playing the Field according to Variety. The film is headlined by Gerard Butler, and will feature the Scottish actor in a love triangle with Thurman and Jessica Biel. Yes, Jessica Biel! This is definitely an interesting trio don’t you think? Find out more about the movie…

Playing the Field centers on a professional soccer player (Butler) who decides to coach his son’s youth team. He uses the job as a way to bond with his son, but he ends up dodging the sexual advances of multiple soccer moms instead. The trade reports that Thurman will play the mother of one of the other children on the team, and Biel will star as Butler’s ex-wife. The film will be directed by Gabrielle Muccino.

We don’t have a problem with Thurman and Butler as potential partners in this movie, but Biel? She plays his ex-wife? We’re assuming that she’s also the mother of his son, so how old is this kid exactly? Did Biel’s character have him fresh out of high school? The age difference between the characters is a bit unnerving.

What do you think about Thurman and Biel joining Butler in Playing the Field?