Over the past seven years fans of the sci-fi television show “Firefly” have been yearning for its return. The series was cancelled after one season on The Fox Network and people did not take the news well. Fanboys who love Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon took to the message boards, signed petitions, and everything under the sun to get the show back. Unfortunately, it didn’t work but we did get some closure in the form of a feature film called Serenity.

For those of you who still want to relive the good times from the “Firefly” crew on the small screen, you’re in luck because it’s heading back to television via The Science Channel.

According to IGN, The Science Channel will be airing all of “Firefly’s” episodes starting on Sunday, March 6 at 8pm ET. The network will premiere the original two hour pilot of the series, which will be followed by episode one at 10 PM. After the big debut, the next 14 episodes, will air every Friday in the 10 PM timeslot.

This is a must see for all die-hard “Firefly” fans. If you don’t own the show on DVD (you should) this is the next best thing!

Will you tune to watch Firefly on The Science Channel?