The duo that brought us My Bloody Valentine 3D is headed to theaters once again with an homage to seventies action movies. Drive Angry 3D stars Nicolas Cage as somewhat of a supernatural renegade who has one thing on his mind. His weapons of choice include his car, his gun, and his beautiful sidekick Piper (Amber Heard). He’s a man on a mission, he’s pissed, and he’s behind the wheel. Check out our review…

The Players:

  • Directors: Patrick Lussier
  • Screenwriters: Todd Farmer, Patrick Lussier
  • Cast: Nicolas Cage, Amber Heard, William Fichtner, Billy Burke, David Morse, Charlotte Ross, Todd Farmer
  • Cinematography By: Brian Pearson
  • Original Music By: Michael Wandmacher

The Plot:

John Milton (Cage) is an ex-con hellbent on finding his missing grandchild and a cult leader named Jonah King (Burke) who murdered his daughter. He joins forces with a small town waitress named Piper (Heard), who’s got a nice ride and a no nonsense attitude. While tracking King down the duo are followed by a mysterious man called The Accountant (Fichtner) who has one thing on his mind, Milton.

The Good:

  • William Fichtner: As the deliciously evil “accountant,” Fichtner stole the show with his entertaining performance. The character could have easily come across as one-note but everything he said and did was gold. You can’t take your eyes off of him. He’s a villain you love to hate.
  • Amber Heard: At first glance you might think that her character is a bimbo with no personality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Piper is a kick-ass chick — literally. She never yearns to be saved by Cage’s character, in fact she saves him once or twice herself. She handles her business and she’s not in the film for the sole purpose of being eye candy.
  • The Action: Old school action was definitely used here. As you might suspect there were multiple car crashes, lots of explosions, and more than a fair share of gun play. The best thing about the action is that the majority of it was done using practical effects aka the old fashioned way.
  • The Humor: One of the reasons Drive Angry 3D is entertaining is because it doesn’t take itself too seriously. There are a lot of great moments that are funny not because of how they’re written but how they’re acted out. The characters themselves are so interesting and unique that they make the most violent or dangerous situation light.

The Bad:

  • CGI: There weren’t a lot of CGI scenes in the movie, as I stated earlier but there was one in particular that stood out like a sore thumb. I don’t want to give the exact scene away, but the one in question was very cartoonish. Considering this was a moderate to low budget movie, I’m not surprised that they couldn’t afford the best effects in that area.


Drive Angry 3D was a surprisingly fun and entertaining film. Amongst all of the movies opening in theaters this week, I’d definitely give this one the golden ticket.

Rating: 8/10

Drive Angry 3D opens in theaters everywhere on February 25th.

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Will you be seeing Drive Angry 3D this weekend?