Today at the press junket for Jonathan Liebesman‘s upcoming springtime, alien invasion Battle: Los Angeles, we had a chance to talk to one of the film’s lead ensemble actors Ramon Rodriguez. Ramon has not been on the scene for long, but did manage to impress audiences with his comedic timing in Michael Bay‘s second Transformers film Revenge of the Fallen. If you’re looking for him to make you laugh in this film, you’re looking in the wrong place, he’s back on the big screen but this time a serious Lieutenant who doesn’t believe in smiling. Rodriguez planes on keeping some of that serious tone even as he departs this film and re-enters fanatsy land as Bosley in the up and coming Charlie’s Angels

Well it definitely shows a different side to you, especially different from what you have next, Charlie’s Angels?

Rodriguez: I love doing that, I love being challenged. I loved that it was completely different than Leo and couldn’t be more different. I like the challenge of stepping into new shoes and trying to figure it out. I actually really enjoy that. Even with Bosley. I know that in the past he’s kind of been comical and this and that. I’m going to thread in some heart and some seriousness as well, in addition to some of the light moments. I think just by the casting that it shows that they’re going in a different direction with Bosley.

What do you like about the role of Bosley?

Rodriguez: I wasn’t very excited, honestly, when they came to me. But I had a great conversation with Drew [Barrymore] on the phone. She called me up and said “we want Bosley to be the fourth angel, we want him to be completely involved but what we love about you is that you can be dramatic, you can be funny, we kind of want to intertwine those two things.” And then I had my own take of what I’d like to do, and they are and have been really open about my creative impute. They are allowing me to really create this character, which to me couldn’t be more exciting. To really be able to get my hands on it and turn on that creative button in my head, that’s exciting for me. I’m in the process of it now. I just had my wardrobe fitting and let them know what I’m leaning towards. I’m still kind of figuring it out though.

While on the topic of up and coming, we asked him about returning back to Bay as Leo Spitz to finish up the last Transformers film, only to find out, he’s not in it! Despite what that lying SOB IMDB says, Rodriguez has never been a part of Dark of the Moon.

Rodriguez: I am not in the last Transformers. For reasons that are beyond me. All that I know is that the writers went in a whole new direction, but I’m not in it. I guess online it says that I’m in it.

So there you have it! Time to look forward to a serious Bosley and not having to see another Tranformer‘s film if you want to see Rodriguez in action. I don’t know if he was being honest or not about being written out, but it seems as if he has some friends in the right places.

Are you excited to see a new side to Rodriguez and Bosley?