This Friday, Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis will go where no married man has gone before — the promised land. They’ll have unprecedented freedom in their latest film Hall Pass, where they play a couple of horny husbands who push their wives to the brink with their oversexualized behavior. The duo are given a week off from marriage to do what they want, with who they want, with no repercussions.

We recently had the opportunity to speak to Wilson and Sudeikis about the film’s premise and their stance on committed relationships. And of course we had to ask them the question that everyone wants the answer to: if a hall pass was real, who would they use it on? Find out….

Wilson is known for appearing in more than his fair share of ensemble/buddy comedies such as Wedding Crashers and Starsky & Hutch. We began to wonder if the actor deliberately seeks out those types of films, and if so, why?

Owen Wilson: It’s not necessarily a plan. I think that from growing up with brothers, I kind of relate to those kind of buddy comedies. A lot of the humor in that is what I’ve kind of responded to.

As for Sudeikis, he’s starting to make the transition from his regular stint on Saturday Night Live to feature films. So at what point does an actor make the leap from the small screen to movies?

Jason Sudeikis: The decision sort of came when people asked if I wanted to be in them truth be told. Then the decision usually comes from being really fortunate to work with a lot of great people at SNL,  just kind of continuing the streak of luck. Hopefully I’ll work with more fun people.

In Hall Pass, Wilson’s character Rick is a far cry from the charismatic men he’s played on screen in the past. The actor recognized from the very beginning that the role would take him out of his comfort zone when he got some brutally honest words from a relative who visited him during the shoot.

OW: I remember my older brother, who’s actually in the movie, coming down to Atlanta where we filmed and just seeing me in my wardrobe. He said, ‘You look so bad.’ Just putting on the clothes just made you feel like ‘God, I’ve got no game.’ When you’ve got pleated jeans and these kind of orthopedic-like shoes you don’t feel very sexy.

Sudeikis’ character Fred is equally awkward but more of a horn dog when it comes to the ladies. He’s all for getting a hall pass, but his portrayer has a different view of relationships.

JS: I do believe in the idea of love and marriage and monogamy. I feel like the commercial alone probably causes some sofa discussions or pillow talk between couples of just like, ‘Would you do that?’ ‘Honey, what would you do if I gave you that?’

When you’re in a Farrelly brothers movie, with a cast filled with comedians like Sudeikis, Stephen Merchant, and JB Smoove, improv tends to rear its head at some point. Wilson spoke about the difference between wanting to do improv and having to do improv with a script.

OW: Everybody was comfortable trying to come up with stuff. It’s nice when you’re working on something that you don’t feel like you have to change or try to come up with something. With this we had a good base. I always felt comfortable that we were on the same wavelength sense of humor wise. I didn’t have that fear like , ‘Oh, these guys are going to be thinking something’s funny that I don’t think is funny.’

Fred and Rick have been out of the dating game for a long time, so they have no idea where to go to pick up women. The game has completely changed. Wilson and Sudeikis revealed the top hot spots to find attractive ladies.

OW: The Olive Garden.

JS: Chuck E. Cheese. Ruby Tuesdays. Whole Foods

OW: The more wholesome ones [women] go to Trader Joes.

We couldn’t let the guys go without asking them the age old question: if you had a hall pass, who would you use it on? Sudeikis was all about a veteran actress from the sixties, while Wilson seemed to be more interested in where he would go and not who he would be with.

JS: 1967 Raquel Welch. Can I use that extensively with a time machine? Who am I kidding? I’ll take 1997 Raquel Welch. Oh, who am I kidding? I’ll take 2007 Raquel Welch, but not today though. Not now. I’ll take Helen Mirren now.

OW: I think more about the locale. I think it would be where you’d want to go for your hall pass.

JS: Like on her body? [laughs]

Hall Pass opens in theaters everywhere on February 25th.

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