Marvel has released new promotional photos for their summer blockbusters: Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Some of them have been released in the past but as low quality, magazine scans. These copies are the real deal and they get up close and personal with the casts from both films. Take a look…

In the photo with Tommy Lee Jones, does the blond look familiar to you? If she does, it’s because she’s Natalie Dormer. In the film she stars as Private Loraine, but she’s best known to American audiences as Anne Boleyn from “The Tudors.” It’s weird seeing her with light hair. And once again she appears to be in “old timey” clothes.  At least in Captain America, she’s in a century we can relate to.

As for the Thor photos, it looks like Thor and Jane Foster are getting hot and heavy. The photo that features the thunder god dressed in his armor looks like it could have been taken from the end of the movie. Why else would he reveal his true identity and power to her? Or is this a different storyline?

What do you think of the photos from Captain America and Thor?