Were you one of the millions of people who watched Justin Bieber’s documentary/concert extravaganza Never Say Never a couple weeks ago? Even though we didn’t see it, we heard (surprisingly) that it wasn’t that bad and was rather entertaining. With that being said, Paramount has decided to release a director’s cut of the film that will feature never before seen footage.

According to EW, “The new cut has about 34 minutes of new footage, including a new introduction, a new performance with Willow Smith, more versions of Baby, and fan testimonials from the initial screenings.” So not only did Jaden Smith get some screen time on the tour, his younger sister Willow did as well. We wonder what those to will perform together?

You’re probably thinking that the director’s cut will be unbearably long with the new material but don’t fret. Jon M. Chu has removed 22 minutes from the original version to make room for the new footage. Therefore, the film will clock in at about 115 minutes.

Never Say Never: The Director’s Cut opens this Friday in 3-D theaters across North America, while the original film will continue to play on normal 2-D screens.

Will you go see Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, the director’s cut?