After months of hype and plenty of negative press the Lifetime Network finally aired their “based on a true story” film, Amanda Knox: Murder On Trial In Italy. The movie stars Hayden Panettiere as Knox, a college student who’s put on trail for the murder of Meredith Kercher, while studying abroad. The story took the country by storm and many people wanted to know what happened behind closed doors. What would make this young woman result to murder? Was she truly guilty? Here’s what some of critics had to say about the film and its portrayal of the events…

Reading Between the Lines:

In recreating the possible scenario of the crime, Murder On Trial made it look pretty plausible that Knox and a couple of accomplices could have, may have, done the horrific deed. The boyfriend, we were told, “collected knives since he was 14.” And you, as a graduate student of American TV-movies, just knew that when, shortly before being interrogated, Knox was shown doing somersaults to blow off steam — well, it was obvious that that behavior would later be used in court by the prosecution as further evidence that Knox was, in their words, “a narcissistic, aggressive, and manipulative young woman.” [Ken Tucker, EW]

The Set Up:

The movies utilizes a present day and flash back element to tell the first half of the story, sometimes flashing back to Amanda in Seattle, while at other times flashing back to a mere week prior. The second half of the movie is after the murder has occurred and leading up to the trial, although there are only a few actual court scenes. The other scenes mostly center around the investigation into Meredith’s murder and the interrogation of Amanda. That is where the story and the movie gets interesting. [DaemonsTV]

The Knox Family:

The Knox family, for their part, is portrayed as even-tempered and wholly genuine in support of their daughter. Marcia Gay Harden expertly captures the essence of Knox’s mother Edda Mellas, down to her freeflowing tears and her endearing optimism that every story has a happy ending. [The Daily Beast]


Promotional trailers for the movie, made for the Lifetime channel, conceded that “There are two sides to every story,” and the film explores evidence which cast doubts over the couple’s involvement, including the lack of DNA evidence linking them to the murder scene, and the fact that beyond a few petty domestic squabbles, there appeared to be no motive for Knox to subject Miss Kercher to such a savage assault. But there is also a strong strand throughout the film which suggests that “Foxy Knoxy” knew far more than she ever admitted to. [ Telegraph, Nick Squires]

If you watched last night’s premiere, tell us what you thought. Was it a fair illustration of the case or was it over-dramatized to the point of no return?