Los Angeles Laker star Kobe Bryant has had an eventful few days. Not only did he participate in the annual NBA All-Star Game, but he became the first athlete to have his hand and footprints immortalized at the world famous Grauman’s Chinese Theater. If that wasn’t enough, he also starred in a short film called The Black Mamba, which was directed by Robert Rodriguez. Bryant plays the title character, who goes up against his fair share of adversaries including Bruce Willis and Danny Trejo. Oh yeah, and Kanye West is in it too! Watch the movie below…

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The Black Mamba takes a lot of cues from Rodriguez’s previous films with the most obvious being Desperado. The lone gunman has been turned into a talented basketball star who showcases his shoes as well as his talents. Trejo is a muscle man, Willis is the second in command, and West plays the boss who’s aptly titled “The Boss.”

Even though West isn’t the best actor in the world, we love him in this short. He was the perfect choice to play a conceited, power hungry, selfish, and arrogant bad guy. Bryant wasn’t too bad either. We liked it!

What do you think of The Black Mamba?