Do you remember Leelee Sobieski? There was a time when the actress was in everything but over the past few years her career has died down. Luckily for her she’s landed a role in a TV pilot that will be produced by Oscar winner Robert De Niro. The show is called “Rookies” and as you might have guessed, it centers on novice police officers.

According Deadline, Sobieski will play “Gen Perry, a golden-haired California girl and former member of the White House Color Guard who can handle herself whether dealing with a gang-banger or a busted toilet.” “Rookies” will mark Sobieski’s return to the CBS network, which aired her breakout TV movie Joan of Arc, which earned her an Emmy nomination.

The 28 year old is the first actor to be cast in the pilot episode, which will be directed by James Mangold. We’ve previously stated our concerns regarding the lack of originality surrounding this show’s premise. The cop genre has been beaten to death, and several dramas in the past few years have centered on rookies. This isn’t new. Besides De Niro producing, we wonder what’s so special about this show?

What do you think of Sobieski joining Rookies?