When Sony decided to reboot their Spider-Man franchise they chose a talented newcomer to headline, and surrounded him by veteran actors. It looks as if Warner Bros might be doing the same with Superman: The Man of Steel. According to a report from Deadline, Oscar winner Kevin Costner is up for a role in the 2012 comic tentpole.

The site claims that Costner is up for a “key” role in the reboot but nothing else was specified. There are multiple characters he could play that fit in with his current age. Jor-El (Superman’s biological father), Jonathan Kent (Clark’s adoptive father), Sam Lane (Lois’ father), or Perry White (Clark’s boss at The Daily Planet). Forgive us if we missed any others.

Costner was last seen in The Company Men, but he hasn’t been part of that many blockbusters over the past decade. This could be a huge breakthrough for him and his career. Out of all the characters we thought of, Jor-El and Jonathan Kent are the most fitting to us. We can’t imagine Costner as Perry White. They need someone a little bit older and asinine to pull off that role.

What do you think?

Do you want to see Coster in The Man of Steel? Who should he play?