Nathan Petrelli is back! Well, the character isn’t but his portrayer Adrian Pasdar has returned to the small screen. The actor appeared on the NBC series “Heroes” for three and a half seasons, before the network pulled the plug on it last year. Since then we haven’t seen or heard much for the star, but he’s back on television and guest starring on the ABC hit, “Castle.”

According to EW, Pasdar will appear in a two-part story arc starting with tonight’s episode. The actor will play a Homeland Security agent named Mark Fallon who butts heads with Castle and Beckett during their latest investigation, which has them racing to recover a radioactive bomb.

“It’s one of those situations where I think [Fallon is] a very definitive element that unites Nathan and Stana in a way that possibly other [episodes] haven’t because they’ve been able to retire to their respective corners whenever they needed to emotionally. [Fallon] forces them into the same corner, and they get to experience what that’s like to need each other and rely on each other,” said Pasdar.

While there won’t be any kissing between Castle and Beckett in this episode, there’s definitely some movement in that direction. We don’t know about you, but we’re happy to see Pasdar on TV again. It’s been too long!

Are you excited to see Pasdar again?