Every young actress and their mother wants to play the lead role in Gary Ross’ big screen adaptation of The Hunger Games. The latest starlet to throw her hat in the ring is Step Up 3D actress Alyson Stoner. She’s a rabid fan of the books, and she’s started her own online campaign to prove that she has what it takes to play Katniss Everdeen.

Stoner’s friend, fellow actress Debbie Ryan recently spoke with MTV and said, ” [Stoner] read ['The Hunger Games' books] a few years ago, and I know that she’s been very much in the mental place of the role… Knowing her better almost than I know myself, she has this dedication and this hardcore-ness.”

Stoner herself went on Twitter, and posted a photo of herself dressed as Katniss climbing trees and walls. Climbing is one of the character’s areas of expertise. Stoner isn’t holding back. She posted the photos with the tagline ” Committed. If u can & will, spread the word.” What word could she be talking about?

To be honest, we wouldn’t mind seeing Stoner in the role. She’s athletic, she resembles the character, and she’s obviously a fan of the books. And when you’re a fan of something you don’t want it trashed. The more people involved who truly care about the project, the better.

Source: JasonChanArt, Zap2it