Academy Award nominee Hailee Steinfeld has lined up her first project following her critically acclaimed performance in last year’s True Grit. The young starlet has landed the lead in Paramount’s Forgotten. According to Deadline, the 14 year old will be aged up a bit to play a 16 year old (gasp) in the drama about, you guessed it, memory loss!

Forgotten centers on “London Lane, a 16-year old whose memory is erased at 4:33 every night. The following morning, all she can remember are events from her future. After meeting a new boy at school, London becomes frustrated that she can’t seem to find him in her memory of things to come.” How horrible is that premise?

There are a lot of movies that center on memory loss, but to have your memories wiped out at the same time every day just sucks. Forgotten will be an adaptation of the novel of the same name by Cat Patrick. The book will be published by Little Brown in June. Paramount recently acquired the screen rights for the project.

How great will it be to see Steinfeld in a contemporary project?

What do you think of Steinfeld signing on for Forgotten? What do you think of the premise?