We haven’t forgotten about Seth Rogen’s upcoming cancer comedy and neither should you. The film has remained untitled for over a year, despite its completed production. The studio has been keeping it close to the vest due to its sensitive subject matter. No one wants to talk about something as hard hitting as cancer and make fun of it, but somehow Rogen did and it finally has a release date and a title.

The movie is called 50/50 and will be distributed by Summit Entertainment. The film is based on the true story of Will Reiser, as played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Reiser was diagnosed with cancer in his mid-20s and successfully battled the disease over several years. Rogen stars as his close friend, Anna Kendrick plays a young psychologist assigned to handle the man’s case despite her lack of real life experience, and Oscar winner Anjelica Huston plays his mother.

50/50 will hit theaters on September 30, and is directed by Jonathan Levine. We’re not sure how we feel about the title, but it will do. The film previously ran through names like I’m With Cancer and Just Live With It.

What do you think about the new title? Are you interested in seeing the film?

Source: The Wrap