Kiefer Sutherland is considering the unthinkable. He might play another character on the FOX Network that’s not Jack Bauer! How could he?! According to THR, the Emmy winning actor is circling a pilot for a TV show called “Touch.” Yep, that’s all he wrote. “Touch!”

The trade reports that “Touch” is a drama pilot that comes from “Heroes” creator Tim Kring (that can’t be a good sign.) and it centers on “a father who discovers that his mute, autistic son can actually predict events before they happen. Sutherland would play the father.” Kring just can’t leave the sci-fi/paranormal stuff alone can he?

“Touch” has been developed as a spec script and it’s the first one that Kring has worked on since “Heroes” in 2006. We’re not sure if Sutherland will take on the role, but he is in preliminary talks. He’s currently participating in a stage play called That Championship Season, which began previews last week. His busy scheduled might keep him and “Touch” from making contact (pun intended). Did you catch what we did there?

What do you think of Sutherland taking on another Fox show that’s not 24? Would it feel awkward?