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Justin Bieber, Adam Sandler, and a Gnome will compete with a slew of new releases all opening this President Day’s Weekend. New releases ranging from the Big Momma’s sequel Big Momma’s: Like Father, Like Son, starring Martin Lawrence,to Glee’s Dianna Argon in the Twilight-esque I AM NUMBER FOUR, and the action packed thriller Unknown starring Liam Neeson.

And now for our predictions…

# 1  I Am Number Four

Opening this weekend with no real major stars is I AM NUMBER FOUR. The first release of the upcoming swarm of Twilight rip-offs should find itself opening in the number #1 as Bieber Fever and Valentines Day have all passed. Teen audiences are suckers for romantic thrillers and I AM NUMBER FOUR certainly fills the void as there is no real direct competition . Look for a solid #1 opening and fast and quick drop.

Our Prediction:$ 26-30M 4Day Opening Weekend Box Office

#2 Gnomeo and Juliet

Gnome & Juliet surprised everyone last weekend with a larger then expected opening weekend. With no competition at all, a four day weekend with kids off from school, should help Gnomeo & Juliet hold steady this weekend to come in at # 2.

Our Predictions: $23-26M 4Day Weekend Box Office

#3 Unknown

Two years ago Liam Neeson had a surprise hit with Taken — adult moviegoers were craving an adult thriller. This weekend should be no different as adult audiences have been with out a solid movie going option for weeks. Add in no direct competition, entertaining trailers and Unknown should land at the #3 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction : $20-22M 4 Day Opening Weekend Box Office

#4 Just Go With It

Adam Sandlers Just Go With It opened last weekend on the lower end  of debuts for an Adam Sandler film. Competition is fierce this weekend with a slate of new releases including Martin Lawrence Big Momma’s House Sequel. Just Go With It’s only saving grace is a four day weekend with kids/students off from class. With that said, look for Just Go With It to come in at #4 this President’s Day Weekend.

Our Prediction: # $18-19M 4 Day Weekend

# 5 Big Momma’s House: Like Father, Like Son

Like The Whole 10 Yards before it, the new Big Momma’s House is a sequel that no one really asked for. 11 years ago, Martin Lawrence scored a major, unexpected hit with Big Momma’s House. However, the sequel that followed was a modest success at best as there is not much demand for a third movie in the series, and Lawrence has seen his star power drop in large proportions since the first film was released. Those looking for a cheap laugh, Martin Lawrence fans, will be the only ones  showing up this weekend and will help propel the film to a # 5 debut


Our Prediction : $16M 4Day Opening Weekend Box Office


# 6 Never Say Never

Our Prediction:$12-13M 4Day Weekend Box Office

#7 The King’s Speech


Our Prediction: $7.5-8M Weekend Box Office


#8 No Strings Attached

Our Prediction: $4.5M 4Day Weekend Box Office

9 The Roommate

Our Prediction: $4M 4Day Weekend Box Office

#10. True Grit

Our Prediction: $3M 4Day Weekend Box Office