Well it looks like Matt Damon is officially out of the picture on “30 Rock.” It’s a shame, since he did a great job in the role he was given, but we all knew that this day was coming. This week’s episode lets us mourn the loss vicariously through Liz, who takes yet another romantic failure rather harshly.

The Players:

Episode Title: “It’s Never Too Late for Now”

After breaking up with Carol, Liz embraces the life of a spinster by adopting a cat (who she names “Emily Dickinson”) and officially giving up on the dating game. Her coworkers, however, aren’t going to allow it, and Jenna takes Liz out for a night on the town which ends suspiciously well. In the meantime, Pete and Frank start a band.

The Good:

  • Jack’s nanny: Jack may be a skilled and ruthless businessman, but he’s no match for his nanny during negotiations. Her brief scene is perfect. The way she calmly peels and eats an orange while watching Jack dig a hole of desperation is hilarious; the way Jack imitates it during his negotiation with Kabletown later is even better.
  • Pete’s band: The subplot involving Pete and Frank’s attempts to form a band is entertaining and allows these two characters to shine. The song they eventually record is a perfect example of bad 80s rock, which for some reason will never stop being funny.
  • Liz: The attempt to make Liz even more of a spinster than she already is plays out very humorously. Every detail is spot-on, from the cat’s name to Liz’s decision to join a book club that reads Agatha Christie novels (as well as her decision to stop reading said novels when she discovers that there are film versions).

The So-So:

  • Liz’s confrontation: The scene in which Liz accuses her coworkers of setting her up at the club goes on for a little too long, and the emotional content seems like something that would work better on an episode of “Full House.” Ok, so it’s nice to see that these characters care about each other every now and then, but the comedy wasn’t strong enough for this scene to work as well as it could have.

The Bad:

  • Where’s Tracy? Tracy doesn’t need to be in every episode, but his limited role this week is a bit of a disappointment. Liz and Jack keep the comedy flowing, but Tracy is the one who usually scores the real laugh-out-loud moments, which were somewhat lacking this week.


A strong episode that gave Liz a rare opportunity to enjoy the single life. While the jokes could have been stronger, it was fairly consistent comedically. However, this whole Kabletown/GE merger subplot is getting old. It feels like an in-joke for those who work at NBC.

Rating: 7/10

“30 Rock” airs every Thursday night on NBC!

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