Director Phillip Noyce has landed a new project to follow up last summer’s spy thriller Salt. Noyce has been tapped to helm Relativity’s upcoming feature Hunter Killer. Some title, huh? As you might imagine, the director knows a thing or two about action and bloodshed so he’s the perfect fit to helm the project.

Hunter Killer is based on the novel “Firing Point” by George Wallace (Final Bearing) Cdr. USN Ret. and Don Keith. The movie “follows an untested submarine captain who must work with a Navy SEAL team to rescue the Russian president, who has been taken prisoner during a military coup, in an effort to stop a rogue Russian General from igniting World War III.”

Besides Salt, Noyce has a pretty decent background when it comes to political and military driven films. He also directed two films in the Jack Ryan franchise Clear and Present Danger and Patriot Games. Unfortunately, Salt wasn’t a worthy follow up to those films. Hopefully, Hunter Killer can help him erase that horror from his resume.

Production is targeted to start in late 2011.

What do you think of Noyce’s latest film? Are you interested in seeing it?

Source: Coming Soon, LA Times