More pretty people doing pretty things! Only in this case, one of them is just pretty while the other one pretty mass of talent — I’m not saying which is which, I’m just saying… OnTheRedCarpet just released a little news from Megan Fox who was talking about how she’s in the midst of shooting her new movie Friends With Kids with none other than Jon Hamm.

She told them that “They recently shot some scenes for the film at the Mt. Peter ski resort in Warwick, New York.” Recently some pictures popped up of the two in the Daily Mail reported alongside the director of the film, Jennifer Westfeldt, Hamm’s real-life girlfriend.

For me, I can’t tell who is more out of place in this film. Fox or Hamm? (So many obvious jokes for those two names!!!) They definitely don’t seem like a likely duo, but then again, maybe that’s what makes it so charming? Kristen Wiig, Adam Scott, Edward Burns and Maya Rudolph also star in Friends With Kids, which tells us one big thing ROM-COM! Hopefully it’s got some kind of edge to it, otherwise I’ll just re-watch the last season of “Mad Men” again — damn that show is good. it definitely has a cast that knows humor and the majority of them can act!

Westfeldt is officially making her directorial debut with Friends With Kids a film she also wrote and will be making an acting appearance in. Seems like she’s all over this bad-boy! Now is that a good or a bad thing? Only time (and a trailer) will tell!

The film is currently in production and is set for release sometime in 2012.

What do you think of Friends With Kids so far? Destined for greatness or just another…?

Source: OTRC