Poor Men in Black III just can’t catch a break. The Sony production has been hit with a delay according to the Los Angeles Times. You might be asking yourself, what happened? The shoot had already begun last year and we saw our fair share of paparazzi photos from the set. It turns out that MIB3 has been on a nearly two month hiatus, which was supposed to end in February. Unfortunately, it’s been pushed back to March 28.

The cause of the delay is said to be script issues. You got it! Old fashioned script issues are keeping the actors and crew from continuing on with the shoot. Supposedly the production was broken into two phases: “the first part, set in the present, would begin in November and wrap before the holidays (it in fact did that), but the second part, set in 1969, would not begin shooting until mid-February.” The latter portion obviously didn’t happen.

EW reports that “Sony agreed to give director Barry Sonnenfeld more time to prep the last act of the film after viewing a promising cut of the first act, which was completed before the holidays.” Multiple writers have come on board to do rewrites on the film’s script including Jeff Nathanson and Etan Cohen, but those changes won’t have any effect on the release date.

Men in Black III is still scheduled to hit theaters on Memorial Day 2012.

What do you think of Men in Black’s production delays? Is it a good sign?