Justin Timberlake is returning to his singing roots — sort of. The singer-turned-actor will appear on an upcoming episode of “The Cleveland Show” that will have him busting out a sweet falsetto as he busts out of someone’s nose. Yes, J.T. will be voicing a green, gross booger on the show. You didn’t expect that did you? Check out a preview of him in action below…

Click on the photo to be taken to the video:

Over at EW, they’ve got the first look at Timberlake’s role as a singing booger, whom Rallo performs a sweet duet with on a bridge. At first we didn’t recognize his voice (he’s been away so long) but as the song progressed we remembered that old J.T. from long ago. The song actually isn’t that bad, if you block out the gross lyrics. It’s definitely not something you want to listen to or watch while eating.

“Rallo’s trying to kick his booger-eating habit because it’s turning all the girls off,” reveals show co-creator (and Rallo’s voice) Mike Henry. “It’s basically a goodbye ballad between Rallo and his last booger. We based it on ‘On My Own‘ with Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle.” Justin loved the idea from the beginning and it didn’t take much time for him to get comfortable with his role at the studio either. “He just busted into this sweet falsetto as this little booger,” Henry says. “He got it down pretty quick.”

This episode of “The Cleveland Show” will air on Sunday February 20th.

What do you think of Timberlake’s singing return?