For the past two years, we’ve heard that Warner Bros has been developing a sequel to the Zack Snyder film 300. At last year’s Comic-Con the director confirmed that he was working on the follow up but according to Vulture, that might not be the case. The site claims that Sherlock Holmes helmer Guy Ritchie is up for the position.

Warner Bros has offered Ritchie the director’s chair for the sequel which is based on an upcoming comic book from 300 creator Frank Miller. Xerxes is said to tell of the history of the “King of Kings” and his rise to power in fifth-century-BC Persia. Supposedly beginning about ten years before 300.

Why is Warner Bros taking Xerxes away from Snyder? Some suspect it’s because they need him to buckle down and focus on his Superman reboot, Man of Steel. Another theory is that the studio no longer trusts the director with the franchise. Apparently recent test screenings of his latest film Sucker Punch haven’t been doing that well.

Says one insider familiar with it, “It was bad; like, really bad. They’re [Warners brass] really not happy with it over there.”

We don’t know how much we buy of the last theory. We understand that he’s already signed on for Superman, but if they really had doubts about his talent they would yank that away in a heartbeat. Supes is the studio’s golden goose!

What do you think of Ritchie possibly directing Xerxes?