Inception is invading The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan’s latest and final Batman pic will have its fair share of crossover stars including Tom Hardy and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Now we’re hearing that French actress Marion Cotillard is also in talks and fans suspect that she might play Talia al Ghul!

The news of Cotillard’s casting originally stemmed from a French newspaper called Le Figaro that stated, “Marion Cotillard will join the production this summer in Los Angeles, where she will share the bill with Anne Hathaway.” As you can imagine, Batman fanboys everywhere went into a frenzy! They wanted to know if the rumor was true, and whether or not she’d be playing the speculated Talia.

THR ran a follow up to the story where the actress’ rep confirmed that she was in negotiations to star in The Dark Knight Rises, but nothing has been set in stone. Cotillard is pregnant and due to give birth this spring. They’re currently working out scheduling issues.

“The plan is for Cotillard to start shooting mid-June in London, film all summer in L.A. and Pittsburgh and wrap mid-November in New York.”

What do you think of Cotillard joining the cast of The Dark Knight Rises? Do you think Nolan’s going overboard with the Inception love?