Even though their relationship was only a typical sitcom romance, Jim and Pam used to hold “The Office” together. Their love for one another created an emotional core that drew in viewers even when the jokes weren’t as strong as we wanted. Now that they are married, they’ve been put in the background, but this week’s episode succeeds by celebrating a couple of other relationships on the show that are worth our attention. Read the review to see exactly how we felt..

The Players:

Episode Title: “PDA”

Michael and Holly are behaving like hormonal middle-schoolers after beginning their romantic relationship anew, and their coworkers are not pleased with the constant public displays of affection. However, when the prospect of Holly moving back to Nashua is brought up, Michael is reluctant to get closer to her. In the meantime, Gabe sends Erin on a Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt, and she enlists the help of Andy in the process. Jim and Pam have sex in the office. Yeah.

The Good:

  • Prologue: The funniest prologue of all season came with tonight’s episode. Daryl is mourning the death of his grandmother, and the office workers all signed a card to make him feel better. They just didn’t know that the card wasn’t for his birthday. “You deserve this.” Hilarious.
  • Andy and Erin: Although Gabe is a good guy who deserves his own happiness, we do want Andy and Erin to get together. It’s tough to be as emotionally invested in this relationship as we were in Jim and Pam’s, because Erin is such an empty character, but these two are still very cute together.
  • Dwight’s perfect Valentine: The final scene of the episode involves various characters describing their ideal Valentine’s day. Most are predictable, but Dwight’s is very clever (and not a bad idea, honestly).
  • Michael and Holly: They would be annoying to know in real life, but the attraction between these two is adorable in the way that two infatuated fourteen year-olds are. During a season in which Michael has primarily been a jerk, it’s good to see him truly happy, even if it happened a little too suddenly.

The So-So:

  • Jim and Pam: It was terrific to see these two in action together again, but when that relationship is relegated to sex in the office, you have to miss the emotional punch they brought to the show.
  • Kevin: Kevin has brought us some classic moments–Holly meeting him after being told he was mentally challenged comes to mind–but this episode goes a little over-the-top with his stupidity. He’s awkward; he isn’t Forrest Gump.

The Bad:

  • Michael and Holly: While for the most part, these two justify their inclusion in the “good” section of this review, the brief conflict that comes about when they realize tht Holly may have to move to Nashua is resolved too quickly. It feels like it was rushed, but that’s something we can live with.


A very nice episode that focused on characters we all (usually) love. Michael and Holly make us believe that ridiculous dreams come true, Erin and Andy warm our heart with their unspoken attraction, and Jim and Pam do something a lot of us would like to. The humor isn’t as strong as it used to be, but the prologue just about makes up for that.

Rating: 8.5/10

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