Earlier today we learned that Bruce Willis was actively interviewing potential candidates to direct the upcoming sequel Die Hard 5. At the time it seemed as if Daniel Espinosa would be the lucky man chosen for the job, but according to Deadline he’s not! The site claims that 20th Century Fox has hired emerging helmer Noam Murro to direct the film.

Who is Noam Murro you ask? “He’s a five time DGA  nominated commercials director, won two Golden Lions at Cannes and is taking a big leap up to one of Fox’s most important projects.” The key word in that statement is commercials. Die Hard 5 will only be the third film he’s ever helmed following Smart People and Hateship, Friendship, Courtship.

It’s interesting that the studio has gone ahead and hired a director, without Willis officially signed on to star. They’re probably well aware of the actor’s interest and attachment to the character. Ever since Live Free or Die Hard he’s been talking to the media about reprising his role as John McClane for a fifth and even sixth film. It looks like it’s happening!

What do you think of Murro directing Die Hard 5? What should they name the movie?