Bruce Willis isn’t ready for John McClane to die — not yet! The actor is currently on the lookout for a director to helm the next installment of the long running Die Hard franchise. The sequel is being called Die Hard 5 at the moment, and according to Vulture he’s actively interviewing behind the scenes talent.

The site reports that “Willis is taking the initiative and interviewing directors to oversee its development. At the top of his list, we’re told, is Jorge Daniel Espinosa.” Espinosa is the man responsible for the upcoming Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds thriller Safe House. On the script front, we’re hearing that 20th Century Fox was less than thrilled with the most recent draft for Die Hard 5 by Skip Woods.

Should we really be shocked that Woods’ screenplay was lacking? This is the same guy who wrote X-Men Origins Wolverine and last summer’s The A-Team. Meanwhile, Willis is currently in negotiations to star in Stephen Frears’s Lay the Favorite, Take the Dog. If he signs on he’ll star opposite The Town’s Rebecca Hall as Dink Heimowitz, a cantankerous ex–New York bookmaker.

What do you think of Willis’ future Die Hard plans?