With The Super Bowl over, movie goers head back to the theaters this weekend with a slew of new releases all clamoring to claim the top spot. Box Office Titan Adam Sandler attempts to claim the throne with his new romantic comedy Just Go With It, while teen heartthrob Justin Bieber tries to flex some box office muscle with his 3D music documentary Never Say Never. Channing Tatum’s The Eagle ,kid flick Gnomeo and Juliet, and last week’s winner The Roommate all attempt to get a piece of box office pie this weekend as well.

And Now For Our Predictions….

#1 Just Go With It


With the exceptions of Little Nicky and Punch Drunk Love, Adam Sandler has become one of the most reliable and bankable box office stars of the past 15 years. Sandlers films have almost become required to open in the range of $30-40M and almost always become $100M blockbusters. Just Go With It Co-Starring Jennifer Anistion should see similar results as the romantic comedy finds Adam Sandler in his comfort zone ala 50 First Dates and Mr.Deeds. With Valentines Day just around the corner, Just Go With It should find itself with an opening weekend a little north of those aforementioned films and claim the #1 spot this weekend

Our Prediction: $36-42 Opening Weekend Box Office.

#2 Never Say Never


Like The Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus before him Justin Bieber attempts to find box office success with his new 3D music documentary Never Say Never. Recent teen heartthrobs/musical acts have seen varied success at the box office ranging from  the success of Miley Cyrus’s  The Best of Both Worlds,to the poor box office performance of The Jonas Brothers The 3D Concert Experience. Working in Bieber’s favor is Never Say Never’s marketing campaign which has found Bieber literally taking over the TV airwaves to  promote his film to various demographics as evident by appearances on The Daily Show, SNL, and even a Super Bowl Commercial co-starring Ozzy Osbourne.  Add in the higher prices for 3D tickets  and Never Say Never should find itself with a solid opening weekend take and land at the # 2 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $26-32 Opening Weekend Box Office.

#3 Gnomeo & Juliet


Like Hoodwinked, Barnyard before it, Gnomeo & Juliet is another middle brow kid flick with the aims of recreating the box office success of Shrek. Gnomeo & Juliet is no Shrek, but with virtually no competition, Yogi Bear petering out of theaters, the Emily Blunt/Jason Statham voiced kid flick should open with modest success at the # 3 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $12M Opening Weekend Box Office.

#4 The Eagle


This other new big releases features Channing Tatum as he attempts to claim box office glory with The Action-Epic The Eagle. The Eagle comes across as a mix between Gladiator and Kingdom Of Heaven both Ridley Scott directed films which went on to find enormous- to modest success at the box office. Unlike those films, The Eagle find it’s self being dumped into theaters mid winter with only a modest theater size opening (2,150) , and a lackluster marketing campaign. The Eagle’s opening weekend box office should play out like another sand-sandals  action epic the 13th warrior and open at the #4 spot this weekend.

Our Prediction: $10M Opening Weekend Box Office.

#5 No Strings Attached


With a larger then expected opening weekend, strong week to week holds, No Strings Attached has seen itself become the go to romantic comedy this winter. While Just Go With It should provide ample competition, couples not interested in seeing Adam Sandler yuck it up on the big screen will opt to take a chance with No Strings Attached this Valentines Day Weekend landing the film at # 5 spot.

Our Prediction $6-6.5M Weekend Box Office.

#6 The Roommate


Our Prediction:$5.5-6M Weekend Box Office.

#7 The King’s Speech

Our Prediction:$5.-5M. Weekend Box Office.

#8 Sanctum

Our Prediction: $4.5-5M Weekend Box Office.

#9 The Green Hornet


Our Prediction: $3.5M Weekend Box Office.

#10 True Grit


Our Prediction: $ 3M Weekend Box Office.