The Academy has just released a little teaser featurette and interview thing for the two co-hosts of this years 83rd Academy Awards, James Franco and Anne Hathaway with the two preparing all of their Oscar promotions. You get to hear them talk about how they got the job, see them mucking around in photos shoots, and overall give us a preview as to what will be a VERY different award ceremony this year than in the past…

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Hathaway definitely looks like she’s aware of what’s going on and working on material, I hope that all those moments of deep thought Franco is taking is to prepare for the big show — one thing is for show, no one knows exactly what this year will be like and specially what Franco will be like/do.

We know Hathaway is charming, can sing and dance (quite often an Oscar prerequisite and she has done it before at the ceremony — expect some dancing!), and is quite easy on the eyes. Franco is kind of that wild card, does he sing? Does he do live performances? Will he get stoned before the show? No one knows, and if there ever were a reason to tune in, I think that might be one of them.

What do you think about this years Oscar hosts? Pure genius or not up to your standards for hosts?