Back in 2009, talk of a rebooted version of the fantasy film series Highlander began to rear its ugly head. We weren’t surprised by Hollywood’s surge in interest because it’s such a well established property. Not only were multiple films produced but several TV shows as well. According to THR, a serious move has been made on the development front. Summit Entertainment has hired a writer to pen the film’s script and it’s Melissa Rosenberg from Twilight!

The first Highlander film starred Christopher Lambert as Connor MacLeod the Scottish swordsman and immortal being. The original story centered on a Scottish swordsman, who discovers he is part of a secret race of near-immortal beings and faces off against an unstoppable barbarian who covets the power gained from there being only one of their kind left.

The last time we checked Justin Lin was set to direct the film, and Neal Moritz was on board to produce. It’s been confirmed that Rosenberg, who’s yielded the pen for The Twilight Saga, will try her hand at the Highlander mythology. We know a lot of you are probably turned off by her involvement because of the teen vampire series, but she also wrote for Showtime’s “Dexter” if that’s any consolation.

What do you think of Rosenberg penning the script for the new Highlander?